Ecolink to develop Ingersoll Rand/Schlage Wireless Line.Fluent Wireless Security Devices

Fluent Home, a leading home automation and security organization in Canada and the United States has entered into a multiyear agreement with Ecolink the leading designer of wireless security sensing peripherals to develop a custom Fluent brand wireless encrypted protocol as well as a comprehensive line of professional security grade sensors that will be compatible with its premier connected home and security touch panel. Ecolink encrypted wireless devices have numerous enhanced features including the ability to transmit a longer distance, the longest battery life in the business and being backwards compatible with 500 million existing security sensors in most homes. Fluent has already established a substantial customer base of over 60,000 thousand and installs approximately 15,000 new security systems a year. Fluent plans to release its newest panel with several enhancements in March of 2015 along with its new fluent encrypted protocol and security devices.

About Ecolink Intelligent Technology

Ecolink is a leading developer of smart home technology. The company delivers a wide range of intelligent wireless security and automation components dedicated to redefining the home security experience. Ecolink has over 20 years of experience in the personal protective industry, and holds more thanĀ 30 related pending and issued patents. For more information, visit

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