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Connecting Ecolink Products to Smartthings

Our products are designed to be interoperable with Smartthings Hubs. In certain instances, although the device may pair successfully, all its features may not be usable due to lack of full driver implementation on the hub.

In order to mitigate this situation, we have developed device handlers that enable a user to make full use of the features of our products.

Please follow the below steps to ensure optimal performance of our products on the Smartthings platform.

Step-by-step guide

(1) Logon to the SmartThings Portal (Make sure to use the same credentials that you use for logging on to the Smartthings Hub from your Phone App).

(2) Click on “My location” and select the location of the Hub where you plan on installing the Ecolink Sensor.

(3) Go to   and click on   and then go to the  tab. You should see a text window as shown in below picture.

(4) Copy and Paste the appropriate device handler code from one of the below links into the text window and then Click 

Flood & Freeze Sensor

Siren & Chime

Motion Sensor


(5) At the next screen click on  to Save the device handler code. Next click on   and then  to Publish the handler for your Hub.

(6) The device handler installation is now complete.

(7) Proceed to the SmartThings App on your mobile device and add the Ecolink product.

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