Ecolink Wireless Shock Sensor w/ Built-in Door/Window Sensor – 345 Mhz Compatible

The Ecolink Wireless Shock Sensor w/ Built-in Door & Window Sensor features 100% compatibility with Honeywell wireless receivers and built-in electro-mechanical sensor with adjustable sensitivity.

SKU: WST-302

  • 100% compatible with Honeywell wireless receivers
  • Electro-mechanical sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • Built-in reed switch with magnet (included)
  • Terminals for external contact input
  • Three independent serial numbers for unique reporting
  • 2-7/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 1″
  • Replaceable lithium battery (CR123A)
  • 5-8 year battery life
  • FCC and IC compliant

Unlike traditional glass break technology, the Ecolink Shock + Sensor detects the moment of the first impact, alerting the
homeowner and Central Station before the intruder gets inside. Plus its also three zones in one device for even more value.