Ecolink 700 Series Z-Wave Siren/Notification Device

Small in size but big in alerts. This siren plugs into any outlet and alerts you with distinct sounds according to the situation. You can also customize alerts via MicroSD card. 



    • 30* Built-in Sounds (siren, chime and alarm options)
    • Custom sounds via SD-Card
    • Customize which alerts you’d like your siren to sound for
    • Powerfully loud at 105dB
    • Volume Control (+/-)
    • Learn-In Button
    • Dual LED indicator (green and red)
    • Self-recharging backup battery
    • 24-hour battery back-up
    • Modern design
    • Easily pair to your gateway • Z-Wave Plus V2
    • S2 Security Encryption
    • Smart-Start Inclusion Supported Supports Wireless Updates
    • powered ZWAVE Siren (700 series)
    • UL/ETL Compliant*