Getting Started with Aeotec Smart Home Hub (SmartThings)

Ecolink Z-Wave Siren + Chime


The Ecolink Siren+Chime is a new generation smart Siren created by Ecolink. With 30 pre-loaded sound files and support for additional custom sounds using an SD card, users can integrate this to their SmartThings hub to customize their systems with various chime, doorbell, and emergency sounds. This manual will show how to install the device handler in SmartThings and getting setup for automations for your smart siren.

What is a device handler? 

Many sensors that are new on the market often take some time before SmartThings provide official support for it. Installing a device handler and assigning it to your device will allow you to use all of its intended features with SmartThings.

Please add the device handler to your SmartThings account prior to pairing the Chime+Siren to SmartThings.

Adding the Device Handler 

1. Log in here with the username and password you are using for your SmartThings app –

2. In the top menu, select on My Device Handlers 

3. In the top right corner, select on Create New Device Handler 

4. Next, press on From Code. You will be taken to a blank textbox where you are able to copy the device handler code and paste it in. 

5. Find and download the device handler file from

6. Open the device handler text file and copy all text and paste into the “From Code” box.

7. Lastly, press Create on the bottom. Select Save, then click Publish > For Me.

8. You should now see the device handler for the Ecolink Z-Wave Siren + Chime in your list of Device Handler.

9. Proceed to Paring the ISZW7-ECO Chime + Siren to your SmartThings hub. 

Paring Chime + Siren to SmartThings 

1. Open your SmartThings app on your smart phone. 

2. Press the “+” symbol, then press “Device” to add a device. 

3. Search “By Brand” and locate and tap Ecolink

4. Select “Siren” > Ecolink Z-Wave.

5. Press “Start” on the Get Started Screen.

6. Choose the Hub and Location of the Chime + Siren and hit “Next“.

7. Press the learn/pair button on the side of the Chime + Siren device. 

8. If your SmartThings Hub supports S2 Security, the SmartThings app will ask to scan the device QR Code. The QR Code is located on the back of the Chime + Siren or on the DSK insert card or on the outside of the box. 

9.  Name your Chime + Siren device.

10. Your Ecolink Chime + Siren is now paired with SmartThings.

11. Follow this link to learn how to setup automations or to use custom sound files –